Toddler and Kids Fitness

Ryan Rysdam
Fitness Shop Beaverton

The last 21 months I’ve seen firsthand what a sponge my daughter is, she is aware of everything. Like most kids she watched us turn on the computer, TV and talk on the phone and tried to mimic us. She also watched me workout on the BOSU ball and then started to mimic what she could. That is when it hit me; if she likes playing on the BOSU why not push it. I started helping her learn to stand on the BOSU and help her step on and off. Fast forward and I’ve created a Baby Boot Camp:

Bosu Trainer

  • Set up an obstacle course using pillows.
  • Use a medicine ball to push on the ground (SPRI 8lb)
  • Clear out space around the BOSU start with them standing in front of the BOSU and sitting down on it and bouncing back up. Think bouncing squat.
  • Then have them stand on top just balancing (always be ready just in case they lose their balance).
  • Then have them crawl over the top of the ball to the other side.

This can be done inside or outside; I believe this has helped her with balance and strength. It’s also fun to do together. Next step is Toddler plyometrics.