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Virtual Active on all new Vision Fitness Consoles

5 Critical Steps to At Home Fitness Success

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director I talk to a lot of customers about how they can BEST set themselves up to succeed in an at home fitness program. There are 5 essential things to consider. Take these factors into consideration, and you increase your chances of sticking with your program incrementally! 1. Product Selection People [...]

Designing the perfect workout space (part 2)

By Ryan Rysdam Fitness Shop Beaverton The words “I don’t have the space for fitness equipment” are just not acceptable. At the Fitness Shop we can make any space work, here are my top recommendations. Also email or call for specials on the following rooms. 1. In a small bedroom where you can’t give up [...]

Designing the perfect workout space (part 1)

By Ryan Rysdam Fitness Shop Beaverton When designing your workout space there are many factors that should go into your decision. In this two part blog we will both go over equipment choices and help with some things to think about. 1. Decide where you are most comfortable and likely to use your equipment (in [...]