The Specialty Dealer Advantage

By Jeff Hahn
Sales Director

You have decided it is time – time to take back your life and get back into shape.  You have decided it’s time for some real fitness equipment at home.  If you are serious about using the products you buy, let me give you the top 5 reasons why you should buy from a specialty dealer near you!

  1. Your specialty dealer offers a wide variety of equipment that you can try before you buy!  That’s right – bring your shoes and come ready to put the equipment through the paces to make sure the machine(s) you select are right for you.
  2. Your specialty dealer offers knowledgeable sales staff to answer your questions.  Unlike many big box shopping experiences, you will have someone who really knows their stuff help you with any questions you have about the equipment you are trying out.  That way, you are sure to get the right machine for your needs!
  3. Your specialty dealer offers delivery and installation options.  These are things that are typically not offered or outsourced to a third party delivery company.  At your specialty dealer you are getting installation by true professionals who have done it many times before.  That way you know the equipment will be set up right!
  4. Your specialty dealer offers quality brands that are not just disposables.  The brands sold at specialty fitness stores are much higher quality that the products found at mass merchants.  They perform more like gym quality equipment and the manufacturers support the products with replacement parts long after the warranty has expired.
  5. Your specialty dealer offers service after the sale.  If  you do have a problem with your equipment, you simply call the store and talk to someone who is knowledgeable about your machine.  Then a trained technician can come to your house and perform any needed adjustments or repairs.

A wide variety of equipment to try before you buy!

While most shoppers never think about the long term, it is probably the most important part of your buying experience.  At Fitness Shop we strive to offer the best products, best value, a welcoming try before you buy atmosphere, and the highest level of customer service during and after the sale.  Those are things you will NEVER find at a big box store or on the internet!  Come see us today…