Reasons to buy fitness equipment

By Jim Stevison
Fitness Shop Bellevue

We all get that feeling. You walk into a gym and step on a treadmill. Looking to your left, you see a 90 lb., 20 year old girl running. You look to the right and a man bigger, stronger and just in all-around better physical condition is running. No question, this is intimidating! This is one reason why people may think about buying their own home fitness equipment, but there are better reasons to do it as well.
You, and those who are closest to you, run on a treadmill or pedal on a bike to work up a sweat. You still wipe off the machine in your own home and take a shower. We all have seen ‘that guy’ in a gym that has sweat pouring off him and then does not wipe off the machine at the gym. That is not very sanitary and is one of the reasons that gyms are second only to hospitals in the spreading of staph infection (see references). ¬†With your own home equipment, this becomes less of a problem.
You control when you workout. No trying to fit the gym in before or after work. You workout whenever it is convenient for you. Imagine how many calories you could burn when you exercise watching television instead of sitting on the couch and eating potato chips while you laugh at your favorite sitcom.
That is right, MONEY! The cheapest gym in town is going to charge $20 a month for their most basic package. That is equivalent to spending more than $250 a year with tax. You could finance a good treadmill for that price and it would be yours. After ten years, you will have long paid off your treadmill while others have paid $2500 for a gym membership. Also, many insurances will now lower your monthly rate if you maintain a healthy lifestyle or purchase fitness equipment (see references). You can actually, in some cases, lower your monthly costs enough to cover your monthly payment on a financed treadmill. That is like buying home fitness equipment for free!!!

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